Thanks to the amazing Coventry Building Society Community Champions, the experience of up to 15,000 patients annually in the Nuclear Medicine Department has changed for the better. The department’s general waiting area now has two large televisions and, for paediatric patients, there is a refurbished, colourful, child-friendly waiting area with plenty of exciting new toys.

Patients can often be waiting for up to three hours in the department as they are prepared for tests or await results post treatment. The improvements to the environment have made a huge difference to the whole patient experience, offering much-needed distraction and entertainment during what can be a very stressful time.

“When visiting UHCW my colleagues and I were blown away by how important fundraising is for the Hospital. When you visit, you assume that the TV’s on the wall or the toys in the children’s wards are bought and paid for by the NHS. We really had our eyes opened to how much our Hospital needs us and relies on charity work for the things that make the patients experience that little bit better.


We met with Dr James from the Nuclear Medicine department and his passion for his job, the ward and his patients was contagious. We had a tough decision on our hands as to which ward to support with our fundraising efforts to as they’re all so deserving, but there really was a connection to the important work that Nuclear Science/Medicine does.


My colleagues and I within Customer Services are delighted that we’ve been able to make the patients time a little better from the fundraising we’ve done, and although it’s been a tough year, we’re going to do everything we can to keep helping such a worthy cause.”  – Chelsea Tattam, Customer Services Quality Manager, Coventry Building Society.

Grateful Nuclear Medicines patients have commented:

The TV in Nuclear Medicine is very useful to take my mind off the procedure I am having today.’


 ‘Makes the waiting less painful, thank you Coventry Building Society.’


Takes your mind off the issues surrounding you.’


‘Having the television in the department was a very welcome distraction to my anxious wait.’

We are so very thankful to the staff of Coventry Building Society for adopting Nuclear Medicines as a focus for their fundraising efforts, especially during the difficult times we have all experienced of late due to Covid 19. It is truly incredible that they have continued their ongoing charitable efforts and donations in support of UHCW Charity. Thank you all so much.

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