Having a premature baby who needs ongoing care in the neonatal unit can be traumatic for both the baby and their parents. Thank to your donations UHCW Charity has funded a video laryngoscope to improve care for babies with a severe respiratory condition.

The £9,500 device is carefully placed in the baby’s mouth, helping medical staff to find the trachea before inserting a catheter tube through which medication can be given. This helps to speed up the procedure, reducing pain and discomfort. Ensuring that the catheter is inserted properly means babies receive the medication they need quicker, mitigating the risk of further problems.

“This piece of equipment has really helped with teaching Junior Drs to do the ‘Lisa’ procedure which will lead to a better outcome for our babies as the laryngoscope enables a much quicker and less traumatic procedure” Lucy Bradley, Advanced Neonatal Nurse Practitioner.

The video laryngoscope has already had a huge impact on our smallest patients, as the number of premature babies with severe respiratory syndrome undergoing invasive procedures has and continues to decrease.

Thanks to your support, UHCW Charity can continue providing funding for equipment to improve neonatal care for babies and their families. Donate here