Finding the best way to treat patients suffering from Covid-19 is a challenging and ongoing process, and something that our hardworking NHS staff continue to focus on every day. But now, thanks to your donations, patients at UHCW have access to a new innovative piece of equipment which will help to improve their treatment.

 The new Body Composition Analyser, funded by UHCW Charity, helps staff to assess some of the longer term effects of Covid-19 on patients.

In 2020, UHCW was one of the first NHS Trusts to set up a dedicated post Covid-19 clinic for patients who need follow up care after having the virus. The Body Composition Analyser will form a vital part of this service, enabling staff to monitor the effects that steroid treatments have had on a patients muscle mass, fat mass and bone density, allowing them to make decisions on the best way to aid a patients recovery.

The analyser can also be used to understand how the virus is affecting a patient when they first present to hospital, meaning staff have a much clearer idea of the best course of treatment for that individual.

 Prior to the pandemic, the scanners have been used to support with the diagnosis and treatment of conditions such as diabetes and obesity. For patients the process is simple and only takes a few seconds to complete, and supports clinicians to creative the most effective treatment plan.

Thanks to your support, UHCW Charity can continue to fund innovative equipment which improves patient care.

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