The Neonatal Unit at University Hospital has recently purchased 30 Tuscon Reclining Chairs thanks to your donations, providing even more care and comfort for mothers and babies post delivery.

Tuscon Reclining Chairs make it easier for parents to provide important skin to skin care, as well as supporting mothers to initiate breastfeeding. The chairs have four wheels, meaning mothers can be moved comfortably from their bed to visit their baby – something which can often be painful and difficult to do post birth.

Motion controls allow the user to recline up and down, allowing parents to move into a position which allows their babies vital care to continue, such as mechanical ventilation or infusions.

As well as this, the chairs will also support parents to provide care that regulates the baby’s heart rate, temperature and breathing, assist with growth, stimulate digestion and an interest in feeding and may even contribute towards a reduced hospital stay.

“Our Neonatal Unit strives to provide family integrated care – these chairs help us to support this vision, making it easier for parents to engage with their baby” – Andrea, Neonatal Unit Manager

Thanks to your support, UHCW Charity can continue to provide funding for world-leading equipment that makes things better for our staff, our patients and their families. Donate here.