ReSPECT forms include recommendations about helpful and considered emergency treatments, as well as those not wanted by or that would not work for a patient. Also, it includes a recommendation about CPR, whether it is attempted or not attempted. Thanks to your donations two interactive eLearning modules have been developed by a multi-disciplinary team on the ReSPECT process.

The outcome is a pair of high quality interactive courses that are due to be launched on 10th October, and will be available to UHCW staff members.

The courses will improve staff knowledge and improve patient care, as patient and family feedback was used on the current use of the document. Making sure the course gives useful practical advice on what to do in a number of commonly experienced scenarios.

It is believed these courses are a national first for the new ReSPECT form, and the team hope to get the courses endorsed by the National Body – The Resuscitation Council UK.

Vanessa Threadgold, Head of Resuscitation said “This has been a huge effort and a great example of teamwork. I like to thank everyone who contributed” . She also added  ”I like to give a big thank you to UHCW Charity by helping us make the fantastic piece of work possible”

The team have decided to show their gratitude to the UHCW Charity by raising money with a sponsored CPR-a-thon in October during Resuscitation Week.

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