Thanks to your donations families on our Neonatal Unit have been provided with extra support to guide them through caring for a pre term or poorly baby.

‘Caring for your Baby in the Neonatal Unit’ is a handbook for parents, providing information and advice from the early days of a baby’s life right up until when they are ready to go home. The guide supports parents to play a vital part in their baby’s care, giving them confidence and support during a frightening and overwhelming time.

Jo Bradshaw, Neonatal Clinical Nurse Specialist said “These books are a huge support to our families. Many of our parents take comfort from reading them as it helps them to feel that they are being proactive in their baby’s care. One parent told me she was so glad to have the book as it kept her away from Googling things, which can often be unproductive and only increase anxiety and worry. I am so glad that donations to our UHCW Charity have enabled us to provide this extra support to families and patients”

The guide covers a variety of topics including ‘What to Expect in Neonatal Care’, ‘A Guide to Your Baby’s Appearance’ and ‘Reading and Understanding Your Baby’, written by two internationally acclaimed authors with over 50 years of Neonatal experience between them.

Your support makes a huge difference to our patients, their families and the staff who treat them. Donate here