Your donations fund the University Hospitals Coventry and Warwickshire (UHCW) Healing Arts Programme to support patients throughout Covid-19.

Bespoke origami kits provided to patients

Art can play a key role in supporting a patient’s wellbeing and health, whether it’s looking at a beautiful picture or doodling in a notebook. The Healing Arts Programme at UHCW compliments patient care and welfare by providing a range of activities and events.

Sadly due to Covid-19 restrictions many activities had to be cancelled this year. However with the support you gave to UHCW Charity, the Healing Arts Team were able to quickly adapt their programme, thanks to your donations.

They revamped exhibition spaces in University Hospital Coventry with the help of local artists such as Tessa Dadley, Peter Corbett and Mark Andrews.

They also created a new art gallery for the Hospital of St Cross, also funded by UHCW Charity. Artwork is already on display from Rugby artist, Magdalena Edward.

A particular success for the programme has been its ‘Art Cart’.  The cart provides individually wrapped single-use creative kits for patients to do at their bedsides.

Staff have seen first-hand the impact the arts programme has on patients, It’s just amazing and already has made a young girl’s 4-hour dialysis more enjoyable. She was so excited to receive an art pack. It’s a great idea!”

UHCW Charity is raising funds to continue funding the Healing Arts Programme for 2021 and the team has lots more exciting ideas to support patient care. To find out more about the programme, visit Healing Arts Programme.

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Your support for UHCW Charity makes things better for our patients, their families and our staff, both during the pandemic and beyond.

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