Having a baby on the Neonatal Unit is an extremely traumatic and anxious time for families. Parents can spend hours a day at their child’s bedside, and when they do eventually leave the Unit for a break they can feel worried and uneasy about being away from their baby.

To help with this, UHCW Charity have funded the V-Create system. V-Create is a secure video messaging service that allows Neonatal staff to send photo and video updates to parents when they’re unable to be with their child.

“All of our patients, parents and their families benefit from having V-Create on the Unit. Being able to see that their child is comfortable and settled really helps the emotional wellbeing of the families in our care” Jo Bradshaw, Neonatal Clinical Nurse Practitioner

The V-Create system allows siblings, grandparents and extended family to be more involved in the care of their loved one and also gives them the opportunity to be able to spend special moments together, such as birthdays or Christmas.

Videos and images are taken on an iPad with staff also able to add text, giving families as much information as possible. Parents are able to view these messages securely and even have the option of downloading the photos and footage to keep a progress diary of their little one.

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