On the 13th July (rescheduled from 8th June), 10 friends will be taking part in a tandem skydive to raise much needed funds for the Arden Cancer Centre.

The friends are jumping in support of their friend Tracie who is being treated at the Arden Cancer Centre at UHCW University Hospitals Coventry and Warwickshire.

Tracie was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2013 and has since spread to other parts of her body. She has been receiving treatment at The Arden Cancer Centre for 6 years and was told in November 2018 that it had spread to her lymph nodes and chest wall. Very recently Tracie has learnt that the disease has continued to spread and now gone into the muscle. Breast cancer of the muscle is very rare and there is only a 0.2% of this happening.

Tracie said: “This crazy lot, are doing this on my behalf. I originally wanted to do the jump to try and raise £10k myself but was told that a skydive could cause a further spread of this debilitating disease”

The 10 jumpers are Nickie Brightwell, Michelle Mills, Nicky Linford, Fiona Mills, Caroline Turner, Jen Love, Carmen Curtlin, Lynne Addison, Lorraine Cottrell, Natasha Cottrell.

Everyone in the group have two things in common – the first, they want to raise a lot of money for the Arden Cancer Centre, the second they’re all scared!! But know their fear is nothing compared to their friend Tracie’s.

“It can’t be as bad as what cancer patients go through” the ladies said.

When Jen Love heard Tracie’s cancer had returned she felt devastated. Jen said, “When I heard she couldn’t jump I had to do it for her and here I am”.

Lorraine said, “My friend Tracie always puts others first. When I knew she couldn’t jump and how upset she was, I thought what the heck! I’m going to help her achieve her dream”.

Tracie said “My support in this event and sponsorship is to help others, to make their visits to The Arden Centre more pleasant and where possible their journey a little more pleasant.  The staff of Breast Clinic 2, Oncology, Ward 35 and the Arden Centre are teams of dedicated staff who show empathy, understanding and support and are My Angels!. And Professor Christopher Poole – Oncologist, there are no words – just simply the best!”

The girls are approaching their target and would love to hit it before the skydive next month. uk.virginmoneygiving.com/NickieBrightwell