£1,400 Donation From Texas Twins Treated on Neonatal Unit

We had a visit last week from a family in Texas who were visiting whilst on vacation. They came to present us with a £1,400 donation for the Neonatal Unit. As their story unfolded we learned more about the family and their reasons for wanting to give something back to a hospital across the pond here in Coventry. This is their story...


"It was delightful to meet you yesterday. Thank you for helping Daniel & Yasmine with their donation. As promised, I am including here a couple of photos from our visit yesterday and a brief summary of Yasmine & Daniel’s story.


It all started on November 25, 2004. Daniel & Yasmine’s mom, Tatiana, woke up feeling unwell and feverish. To her surprise, she started having contractions despite being only 25 weeks into her pregnancy. Living in Nuneaton at the time, they arrived at George Eliot Hospital, where they did their best to slow the labour while a special neonatal team from UHCW was assembled. Tatiana remembers a team of up to 20 people working together to deliver the twins and to prepare them for transport to the Neonatal Unit at UHCW.


The three months that followed were full of daily medical challenges which the team at UHCW handled with expert care. Yasmine had a bleed on her brain, both required heart surgery, among many other challenges. Yet each day they grew stronger and continued to develop. The day they were released from the hospital as healthy babies was nothing short of a miracle.


Yasmine and Daniel are now 14 years of age and thriving in every way. They are physically fit (competitive swimmers and golfers), and have developed wonderful personalities. While academics have been a challenge, they continue to make progress and for the first time both achieved academic honours in their most recent school year.


As a family, we are so grateful for the miracles of modern medicine and for the expertise and dedication of the talented staff at UHCW who literally gave Yasmine and Daniel the chance to live the wonderful life they are living.


As a small way of saying thank you, Daniel & Yasmine have decided to donate a significant portion of their life savings (hard earned through their chores over the past seven years!). We hope that in some small way this will benefit other babies being cared for in the Neonatal unit.


As we are now living in Texas, we decided to take our family vacation this year in the UK with the specific purpose of visiting Yasmine & Daniel’s birthplace. We are so thankful to have had the opportunity to meet the staff many of whom were present in 2004 and cared for Yasmine and Daniel. From our perspective, you are truly heroes and we want you to know you are loved for the life-changing work that you do!


Thank you and God Bless!"


A huge thank you to Yasmine and Daniel for their hard earned donation towards the Neonatal Unit and a massive thank you to Brad and Tatiana for taking time out of your vacation to visit us in Coventry.