Pilot Pub Helps Coventry’s Premature Babies

Radford mum Clare Hooper was able to give a special thank you to the staff in Coventry’s Neonatal Unit for caring for both her daughters, each born prematurely, thanks to her colleagues and customers at the Pilot Pub who raised £1,000.

Clare’s eldest daughter, eighteen month old Payton, was born 11 weeks prematurely and Ebony who was born last December was 16 weeks premature. Both girls received specialist care in University Hospital and both did so well they went home sooner than Claire was first advised. 

“The doctors in the Neonatal Unit tell you that your baby will probably go home on their expected birth date” Claire said “both my girls did really well and came home earlier – Payton spent just 7 weeks in the unit  and Ebony 14 weeks. They had fantastic care”

Claire was at work, behind the bar, when she started to go into labour with Ebony so staff and customers felt really involved in the outcome. 

 “We knew it was a worrying time for the family and wanted to show we were thinking of them all”.  Shaunie Gascoigne,bar supervisor explained “We raised money in lots of ways including sponsored waxings and a PJ and onesie party. My colleagues Darren Guy (pub manager) and Jake Russel even ran around the pub 100 times dressed as batman and robin!”  

The £1,000 raised by the Pilot Pub has funded 10 breast pumps so premature babies can benefit their mums milk throughout the time they are in the Neonatal Unit, even when mum isn’t there. Breast milk is easier for their stomachs to digest than infant formula and helps their vulnerable tummies to mature and fight infection.
“Expressing milk for your baby on the Neonatal Unit can be very challenging”.  Colette Fox, Neonatal Infant Feeding Coordinator said “These pumps are vital for our mums to provide their own milk which is particularly valuable to vulnerable preterm babies. It protects against infection, is easily digested and promotes optimum growth and brain development.” 
The donation was presented to Colette Fox, Neonatal Infant Feeding Coordinator, Karen Sidgwick Neonatal Sister and Adela Appleby from UHCW Charity, at the Pilot Pub on 1st August.
If you would like to fundraise for the Neonatal Unit or any ward at University Hospital call Adela on 02476 966055 or go to www.uhcwcharity.org