Maternity Appeal - Bili- Jaundice Meters

You can’t imagine the feeling a parent must have when their baby is poorly and at risk of a life thretening illness.

A safe way to check baby's bloods

If your baby develops jaundice, in some cases where the jaundice is over a prolonged period, there may be high levels of bilirubin in their blood. If the bilirubin crosses the thin layer of tissue that separates the brain and blood it can damage the brain and spinal cord, which can be life threatening.

Our midwives will monitor the baby's blood to measure the bilirubin levels. At the moment, this is through drawing blood with needles, which is distressing for both the baby and parents. With your help, we will introduce a non-invasive way to carry out these assessments using light instead of a needle to easily measure bilirubin levels.

We need to raise £12,500 for 2 bili-jaundice meters -  £6,250 for each one.

For more details contact the Charity team on 02476 966059


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