Gift Of Equipment Or In Kind

After you have gone to all of the effort of fundraising, or been kind enough to decide to make a donation, we want to ensure that we make the most of your gift and that it is not wasted. 

Buying something with your donation

Please donate the money raised

  • Your donation will go further - as a Charity we often receive VAT exemption on the items we buy and/or a reduction. 
  • We know the priorities - We know where the most help is needed and can ensure that your donation has the greatest impact on patients
  • The item will be used - it's not just for medical equipment, but soft furnishings, tables and chairs etc. that have to meet the high safety standards of the NHS. For example infection control and being able to withstand the large number of people who will use it. We check before buying an item that it meets this criteria so that the NHS Trust can use them.
  • The item will benefit patients for many years -we will have checked the NHS organisation can afford to maintain it.

You can be involved with how your donation is spent

Let us know the value of your donation and where you would like it to benefit. We will be happy to discuss with you where the most help is needed and how it can help us care for the patients that matter most to you.

You can be certain your donation is spent

Often people think they should buy an item because they worry their donation will not be spent - please do not worry. As well as involving you, we can let you know the date the item has been ordered and invite you in to see the item you have funded, or send you a photograph.

Donating an item you no longer use 

Please take a look at our recycle section as this mentions some of the items we will be happy to accept from you. Read

If your item isn't mentioned please call us and we will be happy to advise you. Telephone 02476 966059.

Annual Schemes

At Easter and Christmas we hold schemes where we ask local people to donate a small gift or confectionery for a patient in hospital. The details of these schemes will be promoted on our website.

Throughout the year, you may like to collect art and crafts items that we can distribute to our play team and activity coordinators. For a suggested list of items to collect telephone 02476 966059