Making An Application For Equipment, Facilities or Services

You can apply for a grant to fund an innovative idea that will have a positive impact upon the health of the community we serve or that enhances the care of the patients of the hospitals, mental health and community services we support . 

This could be through new equipment, facilities or equipment to support health prevention, the care and treatment of our patients and non-commercial research that are outside the provision of the NHS.

Follow six simple steps

Step  Action University Hospitals Coventry and Warwickshire NHS Trust Coventry and Warwickshire  Partnership NHS Trust
1 Read the Charity's operational procedure to check that you understand what we are able to fund Read
2 Check that you submitted a spending plan for the fund at the start of the financial year and that this item was included. If not, update your spending plan and submit it to the Charity.  
3 Follow your NHS Trust procedure, including taking your idea through the business planning processes of the NHS Trust to get the appropriate authorisation before making your application. Read Read
4 Obtain a quote or costings for the idea  
5 Read the charity guidance notes for making an application Read
6 Complete the form Complete  Complete


Get in touch

If you have an idea and would like to chat to us before following the steps to make an application, or would like some advice on completing the application form, contact us on 02476 966059.