Fund Adviser's Role

University Hospitals Coventry and Warwickshire Charity is managed by a Trustee Board, which is responsible to the Charity Commission. The Board has overall responsibility for the strategy and decision making of the Charity, including the spending the donations.

The Trustees of the Charity take advice for awarding grants from at least one fund adviser for each charitable fund. 

Your role

A fund adviser is a volunteer of University Hospitals Coventry and Warwickshire Charity who is a NHS Trust staff member from the department of the NHS Trust that the fund supports.

As ambassador for University Hospitals Coventry and Warwickshire Charity they increase awareness for the Charity with staff, patients and members of the public;  they help the Charity to exploit fundraising opportunities -  promoting fundraising activities; and they ensure that the Charity receives applications regularly -  so patients receive the benefit quickly!

The fund adviser role description explains the main responsibilities. Read 

Once a year

At  least once a year, we will review the number of grant applications received and awarded from each charitable fund so that we can be certain that every charitable fund is being used to the benefit of patients and the community we serve.

Stepping down or proposing a new fund adviser

A fund adviser should step down from their role if they no longer want to hold the position, do not have time to carry out the role, if they have taken on a new role with in the NHS organisation that is no longer relevant to the charitable fund or if they resign or retire form the NHS organisation.

At  this time we ask them to consult their colleagues so that can suggest the person who will take over from them, this must be endorsed by a senior manager of the speciality group . Complete