Thanks to YOUR donations our frontline staff for emergency medicine now have a new Wellbeing Hub to relax in.

Over the last year the department has undergone massive changes due to the Covid-19 pandemic, resulting in an increase of pressure and stress on staff. Medical Secretary Natalie Page wanted to create a quiet space that staff can use to relax, reflect or just enjoy a cup of tea.

Your kind donations have enabled the team to transform the space into a bright, comfortable and welcoming environment for staff with new furniture, flooring, soft furnishings and accessories. Natalie hopes this space will be enjoyed by staff throughout the pandemic and beyond.

“The ward has gone through a lot of restructuring since Covid-19, it has increased its bed capacity and also seen a real change to the type of patients being admitted, from Covid-19 to severe mental health illnesses. This has proved challenging for staff and has impacted on their health & wellbeing.

By providing a relaxation space this will help boost morale and provide a quiet area for reflection and mental rejuvenation. It has been a pleasure to complete and I do hope it helps staffs wellbeing” Natalie Page, Medical Secretary, Acute Medicine

Thanks to your support, UHCW Charity can continue to provide funding for projects like this, making things better for our staff, therefore in turn, our patients and their families. Donate here