I’m A Patient or Family Member 

As a patient or family member you may like to suggest a way University Hopsitals Coventry and Warwickshire Charity can enhance patient care.   We will consider your suggestion with the Fund Adviser for the Specific Purpose Fund or General Fund the grant will be paid from.

Making your suggestion:

Please tell us

  • Your name
  • How we can contact you
  • What you would like us to fund
  • The cost, if known to you
  • The ward this is for (if it is specific)
  • Why you have suggested this to us

Send this to  us in one of the ways below

We will receipt your email and following this let you know if we have been able to fund your suggestion.

Fundraising for your suggestion:

If you would like to fundraise or make a donation to help us fund your suggestion please contact us beforehand on 02476 966055.